Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Construction Survival Kit

My husband's office is under construction. Last weekend, he came to me with the idea of making "survival kits" for the people who work in his office and asked for my creative/crafty help. So off we went to the store to purchase all the multi/mini packs of candy, liquor and Motrin they had. Don't ask where the earplugs came from... with my hubby being a pilot in the Air Force, we have acquired a huge stash of them over the years.

After we got home, I went to work on the super simple labels--being from my hubby, they couldn't be floral, frilly or girly in anyway. I ended up using the computer since I didn't have appropriate stamps for the "occasion". Then I dug through my stash of card stock for just the right colors to coordinate with the font & clip art colors and used large cellophane bags & circle punches from my Stampin' Up! supplies.

If you wanted, you could make something similar for your child's teacher--a teacher's survival kit (perhaps substituting a packet of tea or coffee for the Jack Daniels... or not). :-) Then you could also use all the flowery, frilly, girly stamps and accessories that you wanted--unless it was a guy teacher!

By the way, the candy baby bottle was just for the pregnant woman in his office... although, he did still included the bottle of JD in her kit--in case she wanted to give it to her husband. How thoughtful of my hubby, huh?!

Happy Paper Craftin!


J said...

Those are great!

Julia said...

How neat! Love the idea for a guy's survival kit!