Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I SAVED THE RED SCARF--by killing it!

With help from my Stitch & Bitch friends, Patty, Teri & Juanita, I fixed the Red Scarf!

When we met last night and I showed them the scarf, they gave me the great news that I hadn't actually melted the scarf after all... I just "killed it"! That's the technical term for: flattened it within an inch of it's life. My knitting friends suggested that I finish the job and kill the rest of the scarf. So I did:

Believe it or not, the flattened scarf has a very nice drape now. Juanita even suggested that it sort of feels like cashmere! Can you believe it, I made a faux cashmere scarf out of cheap acrylic yarn?! The edges still roll a little bit, but not nearly as badly as they did before... I killed it. :)

Well, now that the scarf is done and I'm extremely happy with it, I will be sending it off to The Red Scarf Project. By the way, if you're interested in contributing your own red scarf (or a cash donation) to the cause, you have more time. The deadline has been extended to December 15, 2008. Check out their website for more details.


Traci G said...

wow!! It doesn't look dead at all to me!! LOL -- It looks GREAT!

sarahw said...

Brenda, it really is pretty, you can't tell that anything is wrong! What a great organization you are donating to.