Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Knit Project...

To make up for the slightly disturbing knit project I posted the other day, I thought I'd share my latest knit project, in all it's furry cuteness splendor:

This is a new pattern for me called Knit Monster Baby Booties. I'm so glad I found it! They took me less than 3 hours to knit up last night while watching tv and I used up scraps from my yarn stash. The pattern says to add french knots to the front for the claws, but I think these are too adorable as they are with the pink fur.

Now, when I find some green furry yarn to make more of these booties, you better believe I'll be adding those claws!

By the way, I made these booties for my former church's crisis pregnancy center. Instead of showing the women who find themselves in an unfortunately situation nasty videos, the kind volunteers at Mary's Haven give them a pair of booties to help them realize that they are carrying a living human being inside of them that will one day (hopefully) be born and fill these booties. This is a very small way for me to give back... you see, I was put up for adoption as a baby. I am so thankful that my birth mom loved me enough to let me be born and gave me a chance at life.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the booties. I want a pair for my self. lol! Really makes me want to pull out my needles but I am afraid mine would not be near as cute.

Carol Matthews said...

These are the sweetest little booties I have ever seen!!