Thursday, May 28, 2009

Peak-A-Boo Pocket Cumpleanos Card

Do you have a teenage son? If you do or ever have, you may know how complicated life with one can be. My 15 yr old son was invited to a birthday party awhile back and I was excited to hear that the boy who invited him was in his Spanish class. Why, you might ask? Well, I have this Spanish stamp set called Flores Ilamativas (Spanish version of Wow Flowers) that I have been dieing to use! When I mentioned this to my son, he rolled his eyes and said "You don't have to do that!" (meaning, DON'T... YOU'RE GOING TO EMBARRASS ME!) I kept pushing, as most teenage boys' moms do... and said, "No, really, I'd like to!" He said, "Why do you HAVE to use a Spanish stamp?!?!?!?!?!!!!!????!! He's not Spanish!" See, it's not that he didn't want me to make a card for his friend, he just didn't want it to be... different. Well, I was determined to use the Spanish stamp set... so I said I'd make a card and he could either use it or not... I DIDN'T CARE! (yes, I used that attitude... and YES, I REALLY DID CARE) Well, here it is (sorry for the blurry pictures):
I tried to make it as simple and non... different as I could. But I couldn't help but do a little peak-a-boo window with the circle stamp. And, since he would be giving the boy cash, I figured a little pocket out of the Scallop Envelope Die would be perfect! I cut away the scalloped flap, of course... that would have been too girly.

Here's a close up view:
When I proudly presented the card to my son, he exclaimed "Why did you HAVE to make it with a Spanish stamp??!!?!?!?!?!!!" Other words were exchanged and I stormed off WITH my card! Well, right before we were to leave for the party, my son came to me and asked where the card was and said that he could probably use it. I told him where he could find it (no, not there) and off we went to the party. Of course, I couldn't make eye contact with him as he walked up to the house or get out of the car to meet the kid's parents or anything... but he used MY CARD!!! :)

After the party, I did ask him what the kid (and his parents) thought of the card and I got the "I dunno." sigh...
Hope you're happy stampin!


saucersrus said...

I guess I better enjoy the time I have with my very little boys getting stamps out and scribbing homemade cards for grandma!! IT won't be long until I'm right there with you :)

Lynda S said...

Bummer Brenda...guess the boy don't know his Mumma has TALENT!!! Thankfully not at that stage yet with my son....but it won't be long!!! LOL If it's any consolation....we still love you!!!!

Julia said...

Great card! I am thinking that it is a teenage boy thing. Maybe one day they'll grow out of it! LOL