Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Knock Out Snowman!

... or I should say a Punched Out Snowman! Check this out... while blog surfing, I found an awesome SUPER SIMPLE wintery card idea on Traci's blog. She actually got the idea from another blogger, Sherri who got the idea from a store-bought card that cost $3.49! Well, actually, I don't think she bought the card, she just borrowed the idea and made one herself! Check them both out here. And now for my spin on it:

Each segment of the snowman is punched out using circle punches--3/4", 1/2" & 1". To create the hat, I used the corner of a 1-1/4" square punch on the edge of a sheet of black cardstock to create a square and rectangle strip to piece together on the front of the card. In case you're a visual learner like me, here's what I'm talking about with the square punch:
I have to say that the card took barely 5 minutes to make... until I got to the scarf part.
I liked Traci's idea of adding a scarf. But rather than drawing it, I decided to use the circle punches to cut narrow pieces to create a scarf that's blowing in the wind. The neck portion is punched first with the 1/2" circle punch. Then, I used the 3/4" circle punch to make a narrow strip. This is then glued on the back side of the card front. The ends of the scarf were punched out using the 1" circle punch and glued to the front of the card.
Here are the individual punched out pieces:
Here's how I got the ends of the scarf:

And a close-up of my Knock Out Snowman!

What a wonderful wintery thank you card! Thanks to Sherri for sharing her original inspiration, and, in turn, to Traci for finding Sherri's project and sharing her version AND again to Traci for commenting on my last blog post which is how I ended up checking out her blog in the first place! Gotta love the world of blogging!

Hope you're staying warm while you're Happy Stampin!

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