Thursday, August 20, 2009

Convention Continued: Turtle Montage

Having a son who has LOVED turtles for over 7 years (he's 12 now), I am always on the lookout for turtles wherever I go. My trip to Utah was no different. How excited do you think I was to see that the "demo flight" (yes, the plane was filled with mostly demos on their way to convention) from Denver to Salt Lake City on Wednesday (Aug 5) had Sheldon the sea turtle on the tail?! This was the first picture I took on my trip... and I HAD to call home to tell my son about it. His reaction... cool.

Later that same day, during our tour of Demo Support at the Riverton campus, I saw this:

I forgot to note which DS agent's cubical this was... whoever she is, she's cool in my book! BTW, isn't that butterfly basket of flowers cool too?! That entire thing was made using our awesome Big Shot with Beautiful Butterflies ($21.95, 114507) & Daisies #2 ($19.95, 114520)!

Then, on the last day, someone asked if I had seen the pop-up ball turtle on display... um, NO! Why had she not mentioned that earlier... I do not know! So, as soon as I was done with my lunch, I was off in search of the turtle! Here it is!

And a side view:

I don't have this Pop-Up 3D Ball die ($39.95, 116759), so I don't exactly understand the engineering behind how it works, but isn't this turtle COOL!
AND, then I walked around the displays some more and found this:

It's our Decor Elements T is for Turtle in Old Olive ($4.95, 117908) and "Is For" in black ($1.95, 117529).

Happy Stampin!


Michelle Dawn said...

What a creative and fun activity to do while at convention - turtle watching. What an honor it is to have you post my turtle card. Thanks!

Michelle Dawn Lembcke
Independent Stampin' Up!™ Demonstrator

Michelle said...

Well, if you like turtles 9and I think you do) then this was the BEST VACATION EVER! (well, besides it being Convention and all that)