Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm back... with Highlights from Day 1 in Utah

I'M BACK!!! How exciting! I've finally reached 10,000 hits! Being such a momentous mile marker, now the pressure is on. You may not know this, but when I sit down to blog, I don't usually have a plan of what I'm going to talk about. Today is no different. I've been home from Stampin' Up!'s Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah for almost a week... so I have LOTS of pictures from my trip that I could show you--552 picture to be exact! Instead of posting them ALL this morning, I will share a few highlights from the first of my fabulous 5 days.

I'll start with the classic Rock picture.

My awesome friend, Jenn (who's not even a demo--yet :)) was our chauffeur for the day. After she picked Amy and me up from the airport (at different times) we went to the Stampin' Up! Riverton campus for a tour.

Here we are on our way into the building:
Me, Jenn & Amy (my upline)

Here's what you see when you walk through the doors:
Below this, is a beautiful atrium with a water fountain and lots of plants.

This sign is posted in the room where many of the creative Stampin' Up! ideas are developed.
There are beanbag chairs, dry erase boards, ping pong, air hockey and foose ball tables... everything you'd need to let loose and get the creative juices flowing!

If you've ever wondered where your box of stampin' goodies comes from, here's a view of the picking line and warehouse!

You might be amazed to know that your little (or not so little) box could travel miles before it even makes its way onto "Mr. Brown's" truck!

Okay, I need a break! I promise I'll be back to post more picture... both of the fun I had and of some of the many creative projects I saw.

Happy Stampin!

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