Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Things I love... (a special card for my hubby)

Before sending my hubby's first care package, I decided to make him a very special card. Here's the outside:

It is a tri-fold card with a belly band holding it together--hiding a "cheeky" message inside. Here's a peek (warning: you may want to cover your little one's eyes before scrolling down):

This panty card was an idea I found several years ago. Stored in the back of my mind, it seemed perfect to include in my hubby's first deployment care package. The Thing I Love stamp set was sort of an after thought to use. I didn't necessarily want to have the derriere out on the front of the card, just in case the package was inspected as it entered the conservative country of Kuwait. Needing something to decorate the outside of the card, that set seemed like a good choice...
I had what I think is a clever idea to alter the inside saying... Take a closer look:

I used the marker to stamp technique to first color the "but" in red and added an extra "t". Then I cleaned the stamp and inked the rest of the saying with a brown marker... and stamped. :)
Happy Stampin!


stampsndeidre said...

Oh my gosh that is hysterical! I thought what a pretty card and then I scrolled down and wowzers! My husband would have liked a card like this when he was deployed that's for sure!

Julia said...

This is too cute! Bet he loved it!!!

postcard template said...

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