Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Altered Clipboards

Well, I had a wonderful birthday! Aside from the Serif Alphabet that my husband gave me, would you believe that I got a "lifetime supply" of gel pens?! My sister gave me an awesome gift that any scrapbooker would drool over--100 gel pens (including every color of the rainbow in metalic, pastel, neon, glitter, pearlescent...)! I haven't done much stamping or scrapbooking in the last couple days... but I did knit (one of my other crafting passions) on my birthday.

Here are a couple projects I made a little while back that I thought you'd enjoy. They are 2 versions of a similar project--one using supplies from around the house and the other using one of Stampin' Up!'s wonderful accessories.

As with most crafters, I have a stash of all sorts of things "I might be able to use for something". Just ask the movers, that most recently packed and carried all my stash, just how much I have! I guess you could say crafters have been "green" since before "green" was cool--why would you want to throw "it" away when you can cover it in pretty paper and create a beautiful gift?! :)

Well, digging through my drawers and bins, I found a couple clips and a chipboard coaster to use with this project. I covered the coaster & binder clip base with Stampin' Up!'s beautiful Bella Rose Designer Series papers, then embellished them with stamps and ribbon. You could do something similar with a piece of sturdy cardboard. This is a great project to display a special photo or message.

With the same idea in mind but sort of upgrading the project to the next level, I used one of Stampin' Up!'s chipboard clipboards and decorated it similarly to the above project. I also used the Crop-A-Dile to add a couple Jumbo Eyelets to the bottom left corner. This project would also be a pretty way to display a photo, but it could also be a wonderful "to do" or shopping list holder! I kept the embellishments on the main part of the clip relatively flat, just in case.

Now, go dig through your own stash and see what you can make!

Happy Stampin!


Beedubya said...

These are really very pretty. I've never ordered the clipboards. My husband is one of those phys ed teachers that always has a clipboard in his hands. Maybe I'll steal his and make it pretty like these! LOL!

Brenda said...

That would be too funny! You could always use some of the more masculine papers and use twine to attach his whistle or something. :)

Katy said...

BRENDA!!!!This is adorable. I just love how that Lovely Letters looks with the Bella Rose paper. Cute, cute, cute!!