Monday, September 1, 2008

Things I Learned While Stampin' Today...

1. Don't use fine Iridescent Ice embossing powder while ceiling fan is on.
2. Don't rely on pre-occupied (video playing) son to turn ceiling fan off.
3. Embossing powder flies farther when ceiling fan is on HIGH!
4. My craft space doesn't look all that bad with sparklies all over... :)
I will share pictures of my sparkley projects tomorrow after I stop sneezing from the embossing powder up my nose! LOL
Happy Stampin!


Anonymous said...

I learned a long time ago, do not do beadwork with the door open and a wild cat in the house...said cat came careening down the hallway into the room up on the desk right into a box of beads I was working with and beads went EVERYWHERE....we removed the carpet some years later, I found the majority of my beads from the cat collision. I feel your pain!

Brenda said...

I can see how a wild cat could cause trouble around beads... or any craft project for that matter! LOL My younger cat actually had a bad habit of eating paper at one point... not good for a scrapbooker or papercrafter. I'm glad he eventually grew out of that. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the idea with the stripes. Only you could get them to line up so well!

Gotta love that mono multi!

Guess who?


Anonymous said...

LOL! That is so funnny. Happy Sparkles to ya

Beedubya said...

This one is a little more serious. I learned not to leave my table top SU! cutter on the floor aftyer a late night of stamping. My heart stopped when i walked in the room and my 16 month old was playing with it. He didn't get hurt but you better believe that cutter is on a hook WAY up high and I NEVER forget to put it away... dude, that was total Debbie Downer moment. LOL!