Friday, September 5, 2008

Look What Mr. Fed Ex and Mr. Brown Delivered Yesterday!

What a great day! It's my birthday on Sunday and look what arrived for me on Friday:

While I was anxiously awaiting a delivery from Mr. Brown, "Mr. Fed Ex" came with a package for me! It's been a tradition that my birth mom sends me flowers on my birthday (thanks, Mom!), but when the flowers arrived via Fed Ex, I sort of had to laugh. They were safely strapped inside a very tall and narrow box. What a nice surprise! Here's a picture of me with my boxed flowers (photo by Nicholas):

Well, a few hours later, Mr. Brown finally showed up with the package I expected (an order I placed that included my husband's gift for me--Big Shot Serif Alphabet dies--WHOOHOOO) AND another package with birthday gifts from my sister! Thanks, Deb! I can't wait until tomorrow when I can open them!

I'm a happy stamper! :)

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Traci G said...

How sweet!! Looks like you will have a great birthday!! Enjoy!