Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Red Scarf Project

As with many crafty people, I am not monogamous to just one craft. At any one moment, I probably have half a dozen various craft projects in progress. Believe it or not, many of those projects are knitting related. Right now, on my various sized knitting needles, I have a pair of socks, stuffed toy turtle, lace scarf and (most recently started) a RED SCARF. I plan to donate my red scarf to the Red Scarf Project. As soon as I heard about this project via an email I received on Friday, I ran out to find the perfect color red yarn (limited by the selection at Hobby Lobby) and cast on for this 60" long scarf.

One of the reasons I love knitting, is because it is so portable and can be done almost anywhere. Last night, my family and I went to a jazz festival at a park in downtown San Antonio and... yup, you probably guessed it... I brought my red scarf to work on! Before the sun went down, I was able to get about 6" of this cable patterned scarf knitted. I still have a ways to go... but I feel confident that I will finish it in time for the October 31 deadline. I will be sure to take a picture of it before I send it off, so I can show you all.

With all this talk about knitting, you might be wondering about my workshop preparations (or not), but don't fear! I have finally decided on the two projects we'll be doing (I think). As of right now, we'll be making a card and Halloween bag topper. You'll have to wait until Wednesday for me to post a picture of what we make... I don't want to give away the surprise to any of my guests that are coming to the workshop (who may be reading this)... and it's also possible that I may change my mind--again. ;)

Happy Stampin... and Knittin!

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Traci G said...

ooh!! I've always wanted to learn how to knit! How fun!

I'm also anxiously awaiting Wednesday so we can see what fun projects you did at your workshop. Have fun!!