Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Workshop Success!

Well, we had a fun time stampin' last night! The group of ladies that came to my workshop were somewhat (or very) new to stamping, so I'm glad I kept my projects simple. Here's what we made:

The hardest step for them was lining up the scallop edge punch. It can definitely be tricky. The key is to use the scallop edge guide (silver picture of the scallop edge) once you've made the first punch. If you don't, there's no tellin' what your scallops will look like... or if they'll even end up scalloped! But, once you've mastered the punch, it sure does make for a pretty edge!

I did do one more step on my card after I took this picture. I used the 1/16" circle punch to make little eyelets in each scallop. You can't really see it on this picture, but the right inside edge of the card has a strip of Naturals White card stock to create a contrast with the scallop edge.

Well, I have to rush off to knit on my red scarf with a new Stitch and Gab group! I'm at a point where hopefully too much gabbing won't make me mess up on the pattern. :)

Happy Stampin... and Knittin!


Beedubya said...

I'm glad you had fun! great projects. I hope you don't develop a case of knitting knuckle! LOL!

Brenda said...

Yeah, I definitely need to pace myself! LOL! :)

Jenn D said...

These are really pretty. I'm glad the workshop went well!

Anonymous said...

fantastic projects Very cute!

Traci G said...

The projects are GREAT!! Glad everyone had fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh man,,, now you make me think I need the curly label punch! GWTW Junkie