Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Non-Stampin' Project: Screen Tote

Last week, I went to a Stitch & Gab group at Fran's house. This group was very diverse in the projects they were working on. There were ladies cross stitching, knitting, crocheting, sewing, smocking and one lady was even clipping coupons. Well, I had never met Fran or most of the other sweet ladies in the group before that day--this is a military spouses group.

Fran showed us a purse she made out of pet window screen. Another lady, Genean, mentioned that she would love to learn how to make one and Fran offered to teach her. Being a bag-obsessed multi-crafter, I asked if she'd be willing to teach me too and Fran said "Sure!" We ended up meeting on Sunday for the class and I made a large bag--which is more of a tote. I plan on using it for a project bag (knitting, card making, whatever I happen to be working on).
Here it is:

Now, keep in mind that this purse/tote/bag is made out of pet (vinyl) window screen with fabric panels. It is super durable and stands up on its own--perfect for knitting! I still need to find a button for the top closure, but I'm not waiting for that to start using it! I will be proudly showing it off at my Stitch & Bitch group tomorrow night (this is a different group of mostly knitters that I met online).

I promise to post a stampin' related project soon! :)


Beedubya said...

Ooooh, I'm so glad I clicked on it to see the larger shot! It is BEAUTIFUL!!! Look at you with your mad sewing skills! You rock!

Brenda said...

*blush* Thanks! :)